“It made our country small again and made the rest of the world far remote. It robbed us of very much that we had loved, and showed us how ephemeral were many things   that we had regarded as changeless.”                             Sigmund Freud, On Transience (1915)

Transience is the latest work by photographer Johnny Green and his first photo book.

Designed with the help of First Third Books Fabrice Couillerot and printed by Balto Print, Transience is a book of and for these times. How we live, how we hurt and also how we might die fall under the gaze.

The book, self-published on Green's own FL label in spring 2017, is an elegant 150 page hardback, limited to 500 copies and priced at £25 +p&p (£5 UK, £10 Europe, £15 Worldwide). It's available directly from this website with any major credit or debit card, PayPal or by emailing:


Memory, life, love and death already loomed large within the work as the first part of this project, a 42 minute film, was completed with producer Fabiola Simonetti in June 2015, before a near tragic turn of events arose hours later, with life saving surgery arriving only just in time.

“Months were lost and songs rang out in A&E, having strayed too close to the edge and for a short time at least, I realised what it is to truly live: what we have is here and now, nothing more, nothing less. There is time, but only so much. Transience is true, while forever, in a glimpse was lost.” Johnny Green

A book launch and premiere of the film is being scheduled for the coming months, details to follow.

Transience follows on from Green's Don't You Want to be Free?, It has often been my dream, Heart & Soul, God knows how I adore life and Those eyes are enough to take this heart of mine, all of which have been exhibited or screened in London over the past decade, as well as shows in Colombia and Taiwan.

“You can look at the stars / look at the ocean / the answer's somewhere / here's what I reckon / close your eyes / kiss the future / junk the morgue” Saint Etienne, Junk the Morgue